"GREEN Cloud Concierge Counter (GCCC)"is the Internet (Cloud) portal service of the membership system to support the

①Management of the environment information and the product information of the manufacturing industry running business globally

②Such information throughout the whole supply chain

The details of GCCC service are here.

Pharmacy chemistry industry Mr.-oriented guidance

GCCC/Chemical Member【¥12,000/Year】

MSDS/MSDSplus/GHS solution

It enables collect data from suppliers directly and easily, manage it visually, and output the information with MSDS, MSDSplus, and GHS.
It can also cooperate with the system in connection with MSDS(s), such as a check of the laws and regulations applicable to GHS classification work or a product, organically.

The details of a MSDS/MSDSplus/GHS solution are here.

OR2IS center

It is a critical issue that how to protect the disclosure the information which is required for REACH compliance.

We are anxious about disclosure of the entrepreneur information which is the secret information (CBI) on an enterprise, business quantity information, and the component and composition information of pharmacy.
OR21S is the code and decryption service which can protect the information on REACH compliance achievement.

The details of an OR2IS center are here.

OR2IS project participating company list

  • 三井化学株式会社
  • 三菱化学株式会社
  • 住友化学株式会社
  • 花王株式会社
  • 日本化薬株式会社
  • DIC株式会社
  • 日本電気株式会社
  • 日立電線株式会社
  • 長瀬産業株式会社
  • 豊田通商株式会社
  • 丸紅株式会社
  • 双日株式会社
  • CBC株式会社
  • キヤノン株式会社
  • コニカミノルタビジネスエキスパート株式会社
  • ハーランラボラトリーズ株式会社
  • 一般社団法人日本化学工業協会

Guidance of parts and the product maker

GCCC/Article Member【¥15,000/Year】

Product content chemical management system

"GREEN eBASE" is the optimal as an information system which stipulates "four MUST business" with which the "supplier company" in "product content chemical management" should cope. (1) Collect the content chemical substance information on parts/material by "eBASEjr." of perfect onerous software from a supplier company, and realize "grasp of quantity" of the chemical substance by the addition function of a content chemical substance in conjunction with the controlling function and the product BOM (parts list) by (2) databases. Furthermore, presentation management is also possible in the form corresponding to various offer formats (AIS, MSDSplus, JGPSSI, JAMA, etc.) for which (3) buyer companies ask. Moreover, the evidence (document) data of the analytical data etc. for which (4) buyer companies ask can also carry out package management. "GREEN eBASE" is the "information system" which covers in total four MUST(s) for which green procurement (product content chemical management) business is asked.

The details of a product content chemical management system are here.

Tue. November, 11, 2011
The page only for Kuroda Electric, Inc. was exhibited.
Mon. October, 24, 2011
The page only for sharp incorporated company (Japanese base) was exhibited.
Tue. October, 11, 2011
Renewal opening of the GCCC site was carried out.
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